Makeup Tips & Helpful Hints


If you're new to Airbrushing, or you got yourself a new machine, Start out by spraying water first to get a feel for the different settings of the compressor and airbrush gun.

Before you pull back the trigger to spray foundation, use the Air coming out of the Airbrush gun as a guide to the distance and the area of the face it is covering.

While spraying foundation on your face, Never flex the wrist to get the required Circular motion. Instead Use circular motion of the whole arm. Also never stay on the same area of the face for long, but keep moving in order to get a unique and equal harmony of color all over.

It is best to have your hair tied back before you apply makeup, as it may get in the way.

For pimples or scars or face marks, use a little lighter colored foundation such as vanilla or sunny beige on your finger to touch up those areas, and let them dry before you Airbrush your makeup.

The distance from the face dictates the amount of foundation applied to one area. The close the distance, the more concentrated the makeup. To avoid over spraying, try to be at an 8 in distance to get a unified well covering makeup.

Clean the airbrush gun with Airbrush cleaner solution (Available at Vezobella website) immediately after each use, never let the foundation dry in the cup, it will ruin your spraying and eventually the gun.

When closing your eyes while applying makeup, don't tighten your face muscles as this will highlight the wrinkles regardless how few they are. Instead, keep a relaxed feel to your face.

Make sure to include your neck with the same face blend when you apply the makeup, so the entire face and neck have an uniform look.

To get more durable, more water and sweat resistant makeup, apply a few sprays of Vezobella Makeup sealer from an 8" distance, so as not to over spray.

When contouring, make sure to do equal passes on each side of the face.

The gun is very fragile, handle it with care when spraying and when cleaning, You break or bend the needle, and you will need to replace it.

Shake the makeup bottle very well before using.

Never over do your makeup. If it looks good then you're done. With practice you will begin to notice your covered areas, and will know when you're done. In general, never over do it.

Cleanse the face with a good cleanser to prepare the skin, then rinse the face after the cleanser and dry it well before applying makeup.

Before applying the foundation to the face, test it on a piece of paper of on your hand to make sure of the color tone and the right spray mist.

Remember, Practice makes perfect! If you make a mistake, try watching some Makeup Video techniques on the web, and practice more. Airbrushing is a great art, which you might learn to love.

How does the gun spray

The foundation or the paint is held in a cup on top of the airbrush and is sealed from entering the spray needle. When the compressor is turned on, you will note that only air is passed thru the gun, until you pull back the trigger at which point the foundation is passed thru the needle and is mixed into the Air stream creating the mist or spray action. The needle size 0.03, or 0.04 determines the amount of paint or foundation sprayed and the thickness or lightness of the spray.

To stop spraying, or to spray only AIR, simply release the trigger, which again seals the foundation.

Cleaning the Airgun

It is most important to keep the Airbrush gun clean. Never put it off until later as it will be much harder to clean dried out paint or foundation, and will eventually adversely affect the gun's function and durability.

You will need a very small brush, Paper towels, Cotton-tip, and some Airbrush cleaning solvent (available at Vezobella).

  1. For a 10 to 20 seconds hold the airbrush gun under lightly running water tap into the cup, and pull back the trigger, and at the same time loosen the foundation residue with a cotton tip.
  2. Wipe out the cup with a piece of paper towel or Cotton-tip moistened with solvent.
  3. Squirt a little solvent in the cup.
  4. Spray the solvent onto a paper towel, into the bathroom sink or into my waste can. Repeat this step until the spray comes out clean.
  5. Wipe the front of the nozzle.
  6. To clean the inside of the needle, you must disassemble the gun (following manufacturer instructions), and use the cleaning brushes and solvent.

The whole process only takes a few minutes. And, actually, you could probably skip steps 9 through 15. But, I just feel better going through the whole routine.